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The Commitment to Lie

I read with great interest the GOP commitment to America. It turns out that every point of their commitment is based on lies. We all know that global inflation has been caused by global events. A global pandemic (and we all know why that got out of hand) and the invasion of Ukraine by Russia has caused inflation, with a dash of corporate greed.

Jason is committed to stopping the spending on roads, bridges, broadband, water systems, clean energy and other vital public infrastructure because it is reckless spending, another lie. The GOP pledges to support law enforcement when we all know their attempted coup killed capital police.

They blame the Democrats for the boarder issue when they block any common sense immigration legislation. They claim to oppose any government regulation yet they want women to register their menstrual cycles, and force raped children to bare children! They want to take the power of elected schoolboards away to protect our students from viruses and bigotry! The GOP blames the Democrats for failures in Congress when they are the ones who vote against every bill. They oppose Democratic efforts to catch their billionaire buddies tax evasion! The sad fact is the commitment to America is a whole lot of lies.

Remember, a vote for Randi McCallian will keep the Congress working for the people, not the billionaires, and put an end to the lies.

Chuck Banks, Coldwater

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