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Do You, or Do You Not Love Our American Democracy?

We are so blessed to live in the United States of America where we have the freedom to cast a ballot and elect candidates who receive the majority of votes to be our leaders.  But, after the election of 2020, we are watching our democracy come under attack – all because Donald Trump was not man enough to accept defeat with any sense of honor, and integrity.  Any man who is not gracious in defeat is no man at all.  If you will remember, Trump cried “rigged” after the first Republican caucus in Iowa in 2016, when he lost to Ted Cruz saying he either won, or it was rigged! He continued the same whining after the 2020 election, even after 60 court battles that he lost, and several state recounts where President Biden gained votes, not Trump. Trump’s election fraud claims hold no logic.  Republicans up and down the ballot won their races which makes no sense if you believe the big lie about the election! If there had been cheating, it would have been ALL Republicans being defeated!  This has to stop for the sake of our beloved democracy you cannot have it both ways A) either I win, or B) I was cheated so, therefore I win!

Now this poisoning of our democracy has reached our wonderful state of Missouri politics. Our current United States Representative, Jason Smith, in 2020 joined a case before the Supreme Court with no proof of fraud for all votes for President in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin to be disregarded in order to change the outcome the Presidential election. Jason Smith is a traitor to our democracy! That is against every thing we stand for as Americans.  Smith also,  after the horrible insurrection on our government on January 6, 2021 voted to reject the state certified election results in Arizona, and Pennsylvania that is trying to destroy democracy any way you add it up!  Trump won the state of Missouri in 2020.  If our state legislators had decided –  with no proof that they would because of fraud allegations – were going to award our electoral votes to Joe Biden, as a Trump voter your head would spin around like the girl’s did in the movie “The Exorcist” and you would have every right to feel that way! Once we let politicans disregard the vote of the people simply because they don’t like the results of an election, we can no longer call ourselves a democracy, because we are not.

This has gone way beyond Republican, and Democrat, this is about saving our democracy.  Jason Smith has shown us who he is and you had better pay attention! Your vote has consequences!

Randi McCallian believes first, and foremost in democracy and that is what really matters in this election in November.  Her motto is “We need more people who have worked at the bottom of the ladder making the laws at the top” She puts our democracy first, regardless if she would agree with the results of an election, and that is what we desperately need to keep our country’s democracy intact!

     For the sake of our great nation that we all love so much, I implore you to look past political parties, and cast your vote for someone who stands with democracy, not someone like Jason Smith who only stands with democracy when his side wins!

     This is the most important election of your lifetime! This election will decide if we have a true democracy or not! If you love this great nation, join me in protecting it! On Tuesday, November 8, 2022 vote for a true fighter for our democracy – Randi McCallian.

Jimmy Hill

Ellington, Missouri

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