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My Dad used to say, “if you think you’re doin’ the right thing, then just keep on doin’ it”. Sounds good, but really he was just razzin’ me. He could see I was stuck on an idea and I wasn’t thinking straight.

A lot of people I know are stuck on an idea and just don’t want to listen. Maybe it’s because everything’s going so well they just can’t imagine things getting any better. Yeah, right. . . Or maybe it’s because someone is always telling them what to think, and they are just used to following the crowd. They don’t want to consider that times may be changing, and that can be a good thing!

I had the pleasure of walking around the Fall Fest with Randi McCallian, a brave young woman who is trying to get people to see “politics” a little differently. She is running for Congress to help 8th District people. What a novel idea! It was remarkable how she just walked up to people and told them she was absolutely positive she could to a better job than the other guy, and exactly why.

After the experience of seeing Randi being genuine and honest with people, in her boots and jeans and a T-shirt, I couldn’t stop thinking about my Dad.

With respect for everyone, Randi was just sayin’, ‘if you think you’re doin’ the right thing, then just keep on doin’ it.”

David Jaegers

Hiram, MO

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