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Smith Betrayed Us

Trump conspired to prevent the peaceful transfer of power. That’s a fact. He was helped by Jason Smith who organized busloads of insurrectionists from SEMO to come to the capitol on January 6 for a massive rally and were part of the crowd that Trump sent to the capitol to attack police and attempt to hang Vice President Pence. Despite their efforts, and destruction, Congress was able to complete their duty and Democracy held. Jason Smith voted against the certification of the vote. His participation in the insurrection and betrayal of his oath of office disqualify him from holding the office he betrayed. He doesn’t deserve our vote. Only “we the people” can set things right by electing Randi McCallian on Tuesday, November 8.

Chuck Banks,


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  1. Anonymous on October 25, 2022 at 5:33 pm

    Well said Chuck. He and his good buddy Josh Hawley are snakes in the grass.

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