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In Memoriam: Lane Ross Roderman

Lane Ross Roderman, what a legacy he left behind. Friday and Saturday truly showed the impact that he had in this world. We had over 600 people attend his visitation, and I don’t know if we could’ve fit one more person in the funeral home during the funeral service. Everyone that spoke and sang did a wonderful job honoring Lane; he would be so proud.

I said Friday evening that Lane was probably getting a big head in Heaven with the turn out that he had – he would always take a compliment and run away with it.

Lane always had a pep in his step, and would strut around the funeral home or across the parking lot to go jump on the concrete wall to check out the creek.

He was always sharing stories from the bible, and boy, did he know them well. The morning of the accident he was telling Jeff and I a story from the Bible. I don’t think it was a coincidence that he was telling us that story that day.

I’m not sure why we got on the subject but I said, “Lane you don’t have to go to church to be a Christian.” to which he quickly replied “No, but it sure helps to be a better one.” You’re so right Lane, I hope that we can all do better and live life like you did.

I hope that I can touch just a ¼ of the lives that he has. You can bet that there was never a dull moment when Lane was around, he always kept us laughing. You could always count on him to brighten your day. His infectious personality and charming smile will forever be missed. He will forever be in our hearts until we meet him again, “Love you later, Lane” from your funeral home family

– Jeff, Dana,

Jennifer and Avery.

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