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McMurry Honored with NACADA Outstanding Advising Award

Belinda McMurry, faculty academic advisor at Southeast Missouri State University, is the recipient of an outstanding advising award by the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA).
McMurry attended high school in Wayne County. She is a 1997 graduate of Clearwater High School.
McMurry, instructor of engineering and technology, has been honored by NACADA for outstanding advising in the Faculty Academic Advising category. She was recognized for her primary responsibility in teaching while spending a portion of her time providing academic advising services to students.
She was honored Oct. 23 during NACADA’s 2022 Annual Conference in Portland, Oregon.
Belinda McMurryEarlier this year, McMurry was honored with Southeast’s Outstanding Academic Advisor Award. Nominees for Southeast’s Advising Awards must hold Master Advisor certification with two years of advising experience at Southeast. McMurry was selected for the local award by an awards committee comprised of award winners from the past two years and a Dean of Students office representative.
She was selected by Southeast for her knowledge of academic information, resources, majors and career-related information and sharing that information while assisting students. She also was recognized for making academic advising a priority and using innovative advising techniques, advising materials and systems.
“It is an honor to be recognized with this national Outstanding Advising Award,” McMurry said. “In addition to teaching fulltime at Southeast, advising and mentorship of my students is something that I am truly passionate about. So being recognized for something that is so important to me is a great honor.”
Amanda Eller, director of Academic Advising at Southeast, said, “I am thrilled that Belinda was recognized by NACADA. NACADA honors individuals and institutions making significant contributions to the improvement of academic advising within higher education and around the world. This recognition shows how fortunate Southeast is to have faculty advisors who are at the top of their profession not just on campus but on a global scale as well who prioritize student success. I certainly appreciate the time and effort that Belinda puts into advising and mentoring her students by being approachable and available. Belinda is an ideal example of a Master Advisor, supporting and retaining our students by helping them take ownership of their college experiences and career goals and supporting them along the way.”
Academic advising, she says, takes “a lot of time, energy, patience and persistence. I am proud and honored to be a part of the community of faculty and staff who are dedicated to their students and their profession in this capacity,” McMurry said.
McMurry was nominated by multiple students for her compassion and dedication.
“It is truly wonderful to know that multiple students nominated me for Southeast’s advising award, which then led to the national advising award,” she said. “What a wonderful way for a student to ‘say thank you.’
“My goal with all of my students and advisees is to create positive relationships, where they feel comfortable to meet with me and talk about any of their concerns,” McMurry said.
An integral component of academic advising is career advising, she said, explaining the two go “hand in hand.”
“When a student is willing to talk to me about their career goals, I can then better assist them with their class choices, internships, and future career options,” McMurry said. “Students know that you really care when you are there to help them ‘all the way through,’ not just to graduation, but also to their first (or second or third) career. How exciting to be able to be a part of this journey as an educator! Everyone needs someone in their corner.
“My hope is that all students find at least one faculty or staff member at Southeast who will be an integral part of their long-term journey,” she added.
While McMurry’s primary responsibility is teaching, advising is equally as integral, she said.
“Although I absolutely love to see my students learn something new in my classes, what I enjoy the most about my job is being able to be an advisor and mentor to my students and to see them grow as individuals. I want my students to know that there is always someone willing to help them and that they are important and valued. I strive to be this person for all my students,” she said.
A Southeast alumna, McMurry has taught at Southeast for 11 years and says she is honored to teach at her alma mater.
“I had amazing instructors and mentors while I was in my undergraduate studies at Southeast, who I appreciated so much. I want my students to have the same great experience while attending SEMO, she said. “Southeast Missouri State University is a great educational institution. I take pride in my profession, my students, my colleagues and my university of choice.”
The NACADA Global Awards Program for Academic Advising was established in 1983. NACADA is a representative and advocate of academic advising and those providing that service to higher education. The Association has more than 10,000 members.

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