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Iron County Courthouse Renovation Now Complete

By Presiding Commissioner
Jim Scaggs

I want to take this opportunity to recognize everyone that has worked on this project.  Missouri Historic Preservation, Engine House #1 for providing the engineering structural report, Federal Grants, Jeffris Foundation, and Iron County Economic Partnership (ICEP) for providing funding for the courtroom restoration.  Also, the entire courthouse of elected officials, employees, and Brockmiller Construction.
We have had an amazing team working for over two years on the restoration project.  Brockmiller Construction was the General Contractor for the entire project and provided professional skilled employees to complete the restoration.

Everyone worked together to keep the courthouse open the entire time while serving the public.  It was difficult at times trying to work in any office with all the construction noise, but everyone gritted their teeth and kept on working.  Conducting court during the project was difficult because the small commissioner’s office on the first floor was used during the restoration of the courtroom.  Some days the construction workers had to be stopped because no one could hear in the small makeshift courtroom.  We all spent many days pulling our hair out trying to keep the courthouse open and conducting business.  Sherie Hitchcock did an amazing job keeping the courthouse as clean as possible during this time and believe me, it was not an easy job to do.  But in the end, the sacrifice was well worth it.
There are so many people that made this possible and I’m so proud of our courthouse team.  We all worked together during this project and I think the results speak for us all.  Thanks to everyone that made this difficult task one of the most rewarding projects I’ve ever been involved with.
Approximately 90 people braved the cold and misty weather to check out the newly renovated Courthouse. The real showcase was the Courtroom. Two tours were held in conjunction with Christmas in the Valley on Saturday. After 5 years of planning, grant writing, demolition, reconstruction, and restoration the interior of the 1860 Historic courthouse is now complete. 

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