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The Other Side

By Chuck Banks

As predicted, things are happening in Washington! Bills are being passed (many in a bi-partisan fashion) to get as much done as possible. That’s because when the Republicans take over the house in January, they have pledged to stop the Biden agenda. Stop spending on infrastructure, healthcare, and education. Stop spending on childcare, and the environment. That reminds me of a great American comedian and philosopher, Will Rogers. Back in 1930’s, before Franklin Roosevelt was elected, Will Rogers was the voice of the people during the depression until his tragic death. He famously said, “I’m not a member of an organized political party, I’m a Democrat!”  But he said a lot more than satire, he pointed out that we live in the richest, most powerful country in the history of the world. We have more corn, cotton and wealth than any other country, yet we have poor folks who are starving. Much of what he said applies to the United States today. We have people in need of healthcare, food and freedom to this very day. And we have American Oligarchs who spend billions on rockets and yachts to carry their helicopters! But a child born in SEMO has a shorter life expectancy than a child born in central America. Bigotry and greed are the foundation that the MAGA right wing of the GOP is based upon. The former president is dining with Nazis and antisemites and is running for the presidency again! Much of this happened in the 1930’s as well, and Will Rogers was there to point it out. His commentary caused the people to vote Hoover out and Roosevelt in, and the new deal saved the country and put millions back to work, saved seniors citizens from living in poverty and made American unite against fascism and eventually save the world. That’s all history, but it still applies today, doing nothing as Hoover did and as the GOP wants to do today, will only hold America back. Inflation is only an issue because folks have money to spend, and supplies are low. The spending the Republicans want to stop is building new factories, for clean energy and chips for everything else. Now is not the time to stop funding American Industry, now is the time to fix the transportation system so these products can fill the shelves for the 10 million new workers that the Democrats have created to buy. When a person gets a new job, they buy everything, new house, furniture, appliances, cars and clothes. As Will Rogers said” If you give the poor man a little money, it will end up in the rich man’s pocket. But at least he’ll have it for a little while!”

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  1. Anonymous on December 24, 2022 at 7:50 am

    Hoover was a stable genius who is rated as one of our worst Presidents, dejavu!

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