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CFPD to Name an Assistant Fire Chief

The Clearwater Fire Protection District’s Board of Directors met Monday evening at 5 p.m. at the Piedmont Fire Station. Chief Earl Mumper told the board that an assistant chief is needed.
This position was temporarily eliminated a few months ago. Mumper said this position would be beneficial to the department.
“I have to ask people to cover when I leave town,” Mumper said. “Then, I won’t have to ask, ‘Will you cover?’ I have someone who is responsible that I would like to appoint to this position.”
Board member asked who Mumper want to appoint. Mumper said that the topic needs to be discussed in closed session since it is a personnel issue. No closed session was listed on Monday evening’s agenda.
“You (the board) gave me the authority to promote, demote, hire, and suspend,” Mumper said.
Board chairman Shane Babb and Board Treasurer Steve Walsh both said they do not care what Mumper does. They trust him to do the best for the fire district.
“It’s your department,” Walsh said. “Run it as you see fit. After a 90-day probationary period, they will be paid $100 a month; they will not be paid for points.”
The batalion chief (#3 in the department) will stay on the point system. They will not have the responsibility that the assistant chief has on a scene, according to Mumper.
“What’s the need for a batalion chief?” Babb asked.
Mumper said that this person is responsible for dealing with training officers. They are also third man in charge. They help make sure things operate smoothly. If there is a large structure fire, the batalion chief also helps watch the scene and helps direct manpower were needed.
Fire Calls
During January, CFPD firefighters responded to 10 calls. The calls include 2 brush fires, a house fire, a tree fire, a fire investigation, and a grass fire. Firefighters were also called to help with a tree removal and a lift assist.
Firefighters had the opportunity to participate in three different types of training in January—radio communications, black out search and rescue, and SCBA confidence.
Personnel Action
Robert Mumper and Gerald Harrison were both promoted to lieutenant.
Steve Walsh presented the January’s treasurer’s report to the board. The fire district has total funds of $339,582.76. The January report showed $304, 951.29 in the fire checking, $32,277.81 in the contingency fund, and $2,353.66 in the tower fund.
To date, the fire district has not received any large amouts of tax revenue. Walsh said that if tax revenue hasn’t started flowing by the end of the month, he plans to call the courthouse. Walsh stated that expenses for the month amounted to a little over $10,000; expenses included dispatch fees, employee taxes, and city and district shared expenses.
Mowing Bids
The CFPD is currently soliciting bids to mow at the various fire stations and the training center. Bids will be opened at the March meeting. See bid announcement in this week’s newspaper.

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