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Luna Museum Suffers Flood Damage

The flash flood that hit all parts of Wayne County on May 15 left many areas flooded with unwanted water. The Wayne County Historical Society’s Luna Museum at Piedmont was no exception.
Museum volunteers found flood damage upon entering the facility to open for their regular tour hours last week. They immediately contacted the Board members of the Wayne County Historical Society and efforts were started to take care of the issues.
“A great amount of water damage was sustained on the carpeting, linoleum, baseboards and some furniture,” Historical Society President David Bollinger told the Wayne County Journal Banner. “Thankfully minimal damage was done to any historical items. In fact hardly any”.
The flooding was caused by rainwater exiting the guttering of the Luna building and the outside drains not being able to retain the amount as it fell so rapidly. The water ultimately backed into two exterior doors on both ends of the building.
The Historical Society officials contacted their insurance company, and while the Wayne County Historical Society’s properties are well insured, there was no kind of flood rider associated with the policy. All damage sustained will have to be taken care of by the Historical Society.
“This is a good lesson for all of the organizations, churches, civic clubs and fraternities” said Bollinger. “If your board or organization frequently rotates or elects new members often, always review anything like an insurance policy. Our policy was put into place several years ago under other leadership and the current board assumed flooding was covered. Unfortunately it was not”.
Efforts are now underway to clean up the damage to the building. ServiceMaster of Cape Girardeau, Missouri was contacted, and they have done the appropriate measures to stop any molding and clean up any remaining moister. The next step on behalf of the Society is to plan a workday in the very near future. Volunteers will be needed to help with these efforts.
“A great majority of the board is ladies and elderly men” Bollinger said. “We will definitely need volunteer help from the Wayne County communities to help move our large showcases and larger furniture. The Society will post the upcoming workdays. Hopefully some younger community members will turn out to help us”.
“Cleaning and replacing all of this is going to be a financial hardship on the Society” added Bollinger. “In 2022 we had to replace our roof and it cost $31,500.00. It was a big hit for us. We annually run on members’ dues ($20 a year) and rent from three of our properties, totaling $10,500.00 a year. We are definitely at the mercy and good will of the community for this project. Any monetary help we can get is definitely needed and appreciated”.
Plans are also underway to organize a GoFundMe effort and the Piedmont Area Chamber of Commerce has offered to help organize a public fundraiser.
Until the damage can be cleaned and replaced the Luna Museum will remain closed until further notice.
The museum is a wonderful asset to Wayne County and attracts people from all over the United States. In 2022 over one thousand visitors passed through the local attraction.
For anyone interested in making a donation to the clean-up and renovation efforts they may mail a donation to; WCHS c/o Ron D. Henson, Secretary, P.O. Box 222, Piedmont, MO. 63957. Or you may contact Society President, David Bollinger by calling or texting (573) 300-9073. Anyone willing to help with the physical renovation efforts are also encouraged to contact the Society.

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