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Protecting Healthcare and Coverage

Greetings Friends of the 144th!

I’m excited to be attending an event this coming weekend to celebrate Charter/Spectrum activating broadband services in the northern part of Bollinger County. It’s always a great day when we are adding broadband to services in any part of our district. This is something I am continually working on and it is a difficult process that takes a long period of time to complete. I will say that I have seen improvements over the last few years and more on the way. I just like you, wish it could happen quicker.

As I previously mentioned, more than 60 new laws passed during the 2023 legislative session will take effect at the end of the month, having received Governor Mike Parson’s signature in July. During the summer months, I will be highlighting some of the bills.

SB 106 ensures coverage for diagnostic breast examinations and supplemental exams will not have a copay or deductible in an effort to ensure women have access to these life-saving exams. The new law specifies that any health carrier or health benefit plan that offers or issues health benefit plans that provide coverage for diagnostic breast examinations, coverage for supplemental breast examinations, low-dose mammography screenings, breast magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasounds, or any combination of such coverages cannot impose any deductible, coinsurance, co-payment, or similar out-of-pocket expense with respect to such coverage. This is an important step to help ensure women receive these life-saving exams.

Protecting Missourians from Unauthorized Medical Exams

SB 106, HB 402, and SBs 45 & 90 ensures Missouri patients are not subjected to invasive medical examinations performed while they are unconscious and without prior knowledge or consent. During the previous legislative session, Missouri legislators were told that medical students and residents have been allowed and even directed to perform anal, prostate, or pelvic examinations on unconscious patients as part of their instruction, sometimes without those patients’ consent. These new laws specify that such exams on unconscious patients may only be conducted when that patient or their authorized representative has given consent; the examination is necessary for medical purposes; or when such an exam is necessary to gather evidence of a sexual assault.

Extending Post-Partum Care Coverage

SB 106 and SBs 45 & 90 will extend post-partum coverage under MO HealthNet or Show-Me Healthy Babies from 60 days to a year. MO HealthNet coverage for low-income women in the program will include full Medicaid benefits for the duration of the pregnancy and for one year following the end of the pregnancy. This coverage addresses the issue of the pregnancy-related deaths in Missouri that can be preventable, such as embolism, hemorrhage, infections, concerns with cardiovascular health, and other chronic health conditions.

Always Available

I do my best to make sure I am always accessible to my constituents. If you or someone you know has an issue they need assistance with, please feel free to reach out to my office at 573-751-2112 or write me an email

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