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More about UFO’s

O.D. Mitchell and I formed a friendship over a discussion about UFO’s because we both had information and experiences leading us to believe in their other-worldliness. O.D. invited me to borrow some of his books on the subject of UFO phenomena and for long period of time, I took him up on it. I eventually learned he was a Mason and a respected member of the community for his musical talents, having played Vaudeville. He coached a number of talented students, some of which I knew. When his health began failing, I visited him in the nursing home and brought him the first paw paws he’d never seen. He’ll be missed.

The books I borrowed from him confirmed the existence of Aliens and their ability to travel through time near the speed of light, using a vacuum enhanced energy device, an unlimited power system. This enabled their crafts to enter an altered space-time chamber. A nuclear reactor in the front of their craft, forced matter into space to become a vacuum as anti-matter forces propulsion. UFO’s are able to move through space without friction, making inter-dimensional space travel possible. Both time and distance are illusions to Aliens. Their advanced technology revolutionized our understanding of physics and science, with underground projects popping up at classified facilities, labs, universities and corporations that are just now being revealed.

According to this book, there was a special meeting between extraterrestrials and the Vatican, United Nations and the Whitehouse during the Obama administration. This included U.S. Intelligence, linguists and the U. S. military, together with other countries such as China, Russia and more, as well as special guests. This occurred in November of 2012 and at that time a human and alien exchange program was proposed and enacted of which Astrophysicist Carl Sagan was aware.

These Aliens were referred to as “Ebens” from a planet 3 billion years old called, “Serpo”. The exchange program included eight astronauts that were sent there, two died while there and two decided to stay, with a total of twelve participants. This other-world planet, was said to have underground rivers feeding into open valleys, with an atmosphere different from earth. It contained 100 villages positioned along the equator and was similar to Montana with 20’ of snow.

Radio news commentator Walter Winchell (circa 1897-1972) who coined the word “frenemy” would start his broadcasts with, “Good evening Mr. and Mrs. America and all the ships at sea.” Winchell claimed the true history of mankind was staged, the facts of which were to glorify dignitaries. So are we really familiar with ALL the chapters of our history? The History Channel exemplifies our connections with ET’s throughout however, that goes unacknowledged by main stream historians.

Are we mushrooms having been kept in the dark and fed malarky or is the world just a stage, eagerly awaiting for a new evolutionary hero to appear?                                                                               Dawn Allen, Patterson

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