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Letters to the Editor

Both facts and lies can be debunked using clever strategy with the intensity of soap opera drama. This purposefully incites emotional reactions. Why? Propagandist advertising is designed to create a defensive public response. Those who use this kind of hype, can do so to benefit from it financially and/or politically and publicly. Those who are in the public eye must maintain their presence, status and authority. This can be deceptive, a tactic that has been used by those with ulterior motives.

Everyone wants truth to be on their side as it supports objective fact and confirms reality as we understand it. Truth carries proof, virtue and has integrity that strengthens our moral fiber. When proven facts are disputed, the source or sources used to verify them are condemned by instigators. Antagonists refer to facts as wrong, inaccurate, slanted or bogus. Truth doesn’t take sides nor does it have an opinion, but those that misinterpret, tweak or misrepresent it DO.

There are a lot of GOOD OLD BOYS CLUBS (groupies, cliques, factions) that have created fraternities within respectable organizations such as those maintaining law and order, religion, medicine, political parties, guilds, lodges, educational and scientific institutions, etc. In other words, organizations and cultural amenities we count on and trust have been infiltrated by these groups who may have gone to the dark side, whether by choice, coercion or for other reasons.

Some GOBC’s have been exposed while others remain and continue to influence our lives. They do so to maintain an archaic but established hierarchy, one that tends to avoid change and innovation. These include more progressive movements that are ecological and technological, as they would no longer benefit from these fundamental norms. They would lose income from advancements they don’t own or benefit from.

Cooking facts and proving falsehoods is a huge advertising business that have succeeded in redefining reality. These tend to be clannish schemes with false halos that take advantage of our emotions, weaknesses and dependencies. How do these get exposed for what they really are before they do serious damage to our culture?

It’s best to be cautious with deception so rampant, because it plays on our vulnerabilities to retain our dependency on established conveniences and necessities. We count on that which is familiar to us and very much apart of our everyday lives, however blind trust is our weakness that can be taken advantage of by the clan.

It’s okay to question authority realizing that some have become untrustworthy. One bad apple can spoil the batch. We’ve turned our backs on certain elements of society after the GOBC’s may have corrupted the very institutions we’ve relied upon. Negative influences are gradually being exposed, though justice is slow because it’s methodical, but is there any other alternative?

Cleaning house will take patience, strength and determination without aggression and militancy because we need to remain intact. Where and how do we start?             Dawn Allen, Patterson

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